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To maximize mail deliverability, UAA Clearinghouse recommends that our clients utilize USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) processing prior to every marketing run. The USPS NCOA process identifies change of address information for individuals and families that voluntarily report their moves to the USPS. The problem is that up to 40% of all moves are never reported to the USPS…and that rate is continuing to rise.

Even though consumers may choose not to notify the USPS of their move, they will notify select companies with whom they do business of their change of address (cell phones, magazine publications, bank statements, etc.). As a result, UAA Clearinghouse has partnered with over 100 companies to provide consumer reported moves in order to createUAARe-DirectSM. Over150, 000 self reported COA records are added to the UAA Re-Direct Database weekly. (In a recent test of over 10 million self reported moves from our UAA Re-Direct Database, nearly 50% of the moves were not reported via NCOA).  TheUAARe-DirectSM process allows companies to update their mailing list with the consumer reported new address similar to NCOA.UAARe-DirectSM improves your mail deliverability and puts your direct marketing materials in the hands of consumers before your competition recognizes the move. The UAARe-DirectSM process can be run in conjunction with UAA SuppressionSM processing. Ask your UAA Clearinghouse representative about how your organization can take advantage ofUAARe-DirectSM.

The UAA ClearinghouseSM process is patent pending.
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