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UAA Overview
UAA Overview
What is UAA ClearinghouseSM?
UAA ClearinghouseSM is a secured, central repository for compiling confirmed Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) data from multiple sources. The UAA data is used to create a national UAA Database for the purpose of suppressing (UAA SuppressionSM) undeliverable marketing mail pieces prior to print. This process will significantly reduce the mailing costs and paper waste associated with undeliverable mail. How big is the problem? Consider these statistics:
  • “UAA is costing Direct Mailers over 6 billion dollars per year.” (DM News – 7/4/2005)
  • Over 300 million pounds of paper wasted each year on UAA marketing mailings
  • 2007 USPS Postal Forum:
    • On average, 7.5% of all standard class marketing mail is undeliverable (rates can be as high as 15%)
    • Primary cause of UAA mail is consumer moves
Why would I need the UAA ClearinghouseSM if I hygiene my mailing list with NCOA and CASS/DPV on a regular basis?
NCOA and CASS/DPV are necessary and very effective data hygiene products for identifying UAA mail that results from:
  • People who have moved and reported the move to the USPS (NCOA).
  • Undeliverable addresses (CASS/DPV).
However, even after using NCOA and CASS/DPV, direct marketing mailers still experience significant UAA mail volumes. Why? Because there are other causes of UAA mail that the current hygiene products will not catch, including:
  • People who move and do not report it to the USPS.
    • Up to 40% of all moves are not reported to the USPS.
  • Address is valid, but the addressee does not reside at that location due to death, divorce, set-up/data entry errors, etc.
  • Remember, CASS/DPV only certifies a valid delivery point but does not certify the addressee.
  • Missing apartment numbers.
The purpose of UAA SuppressionSM is simple: to suppress the undeliverable marketing mail names and addresses that are not caught by current hygiene products such as NCOA and CASS/DPV.

What is the cost of processing my mailing list against the UAA Database?
Unlike most data hygiene products today that are priced on a per 1,000 basis, UAA SuppressionSM is priced on a per match basis that is a fraction of the cost of postage. Simply said, processing your mailing list against the UAA Database results in guaranteed savings…and no upfront costs.

What is the turnaround time for processing against the UAA Database?
UAA ClearinghouseSM guarantees a turnaround time of 24-hours from the time your mail file is received. Depending on the size of the file and the time of day it’s received, turnaround can be as quick as the same day.

Annual Reduction in Client Mailing Costs - Example

  • 5% match rate against UAA Database
  • $0.40 cost per solicitation (standard class)
  • Average mail piece – 1 ounce
  • 1 tree generates 130 pounds of paper
Annual Mail Volume Hard & Savings Paper Saved Trees Saved
3,125 lbs.
31,250 lbs.
156,250 lbs.
312,500 lbs.
1,562,500 lbs.
24 trees
240 trees
1,202 trees
2,404 trees
12,019 trees

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