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Current Licensed Processors

UAA Clearinghouse Licensed Processing Partners perform UAA Clearinghouse processes onsite.

The following companies are UAA Clearinghouse Licensed Processors:




CDS Global           Experian          GrayHair

Can my company contribute data to UAA ClearinghouseSM and what benefits would we receive?

The objective of UAA ClearinghouseSM is to maintain the most comprehensive database of undeliverable names and addresses for the benefit of the direct mail industry. To do this, we rely on conscientious companies that capture undeliverable data from internal mailings to contribute their records in exchange for processing benefits. Currently, the UAA Database consists of over 33 million unique records from over 100 sources (UAA data contributors).

The more comprehensive the "National Suppression File, UAA Database" the greater the savings for every mailer…and more positive the impact UAA ClearinghouseSM will have on the environment.

For more information on how your company can contribute UAA data in exchange for incentives, please contact UAA ClearinghouseSM.

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