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UAA Clearinghouse
Provides the direct mail industry with a practical solution for reducing the cost and waste associated with undeliverable as addressed mail. UAA ClearinghouseSM maintains a secured, central repository for compiling the most comprehensive national database of confirmed undeliverable mail. UAA Clearinghouse receives ACS intelligence on over 350+ million monthly consumer mailings covering 70+ million households. UAA Clearinghouse receives over 1 million undeliverable mail updates per week, and is the only compiler of USPS reported undeliverable mail from multiple mailers. Our ACS records are included in our UAA Suppression Database so mailers can remove known undeliverable name/address combinations prior to print. This is not traditional hygiene like Cass/DPV, NCOA and PCOA, but is truly UNIQUE and our processes are protected by US Patent. Read more about us»

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UAA Clearinghouse proudly announces that "Pitney Bowes Business Insight" is the latest to join our family of Marketing Partners.

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